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TOP 6 healthy Tips to get leaner and stronger this Ramadan

I have learned that fasting is all about elevating your spiritual and physical status to higher levels of purity and strength. It is reconnecting you to the best version of you.  And today I want to share with you my TOP healthy tips that can get you leaner and stronger while fasting this month. Here we go!

1. Breaking your fast:
Water first! Make sure to start with water to hydrate your body after the long hours of fasting. Now it is time to bring your blood sugars to its normal levels, aim for 1 medjool date or 3 smaller ones. You can have a cup of mixed fresh fruits as well. Eating slowly and in moderation is key when you break your fast. It sets the tone to the way you are going to eat the rest of your meals.
2. Hydration:
It is essential to hydrate your body from the minute you break your fast until suhur time (the meal before dawn which is the beginning of the fast). To do that and track it successfully; grab a reusable 32 oz bottle of water ( you can use a bigger one) and infuse it with options such as :lemons, oranges, berries, cucumber and mint. Start sipping from it throughout the night. Refill it as you go and always aim to increase your intake of water if this is something you haven’t been aware of. I can go on and on on the benefits of water beside hydration like increasing your metabolism, eliminating toxins from your body and curbing your appetite.
3. Main meal:
Think of it this way
  • Protein such as chicken, fish, beans and small amounts of red meat to replenish your muscles and keep you stronger
  • Healthy fats: such as olive oil, avocados and nuts. One options of these is enough in your meal.
  • Healthy grains: such as brown rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat and whole wheat bread.
  • Vegetables: dark leafy green vegetables are excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Aim for fresh salads, saute`ed or grilled vegetables.
Look at this as the main structure for your meal, the essential food groups that you need to ensure having. When you do that you realize that fried and high sugary foods are empty of nutrition and it will only increase your fat storage instead of energizing you.
4. What should you do in front of Sweets and deserts:
It is that time of the year where lots of traditional sweets are made and celebrated in gatherings of family and friends.
The rule that can save you is:
  • It is not the all or nothing approach: it is not either you eat all you want (which makes you feel heavy and sluggish)  or not eat anything ( which makes you feel deprived). Instead place a small piece of that desert on your plate, if there are multiple deserts, take bite sizes of each one, grab you cup of tea or coffee and start a warm conversation with your friend or family member. Enjoy! It is all about building up our behaviors and thoughts around foods.
5. It is just this month: I am fasting all day and I deserve and can eat whichever I want.
I can’t tell you enough that you can actually utilize the golden opportunity presented to you in this month to set the tone for the healthiest year ahead of you after finishing the month of fasting. The month of Ramadan is the perfect time that you can build a whole new set of healthy habits including managing your sweet tooth, control your portions of foods.  Since in the light of the fact that your metabolism is slower by the end of the day of fasting, you need to have nourishing foods in smaller amounts. Quality over Quantity.
6. Working out:
light physical activity if you haven’t been working out regularly before this month. I do decrease the intensity and the duration of my workouts during the month of Ramadan and I definitely do it after breaking my fast. Include the 3 categories of Aerobics, Strength and stretch exercises. 20-30 minutes daily. Feeling so Tired after Iftar to work out? Take a closer look at the amount and the type of foods you are eating. As you find your answers, coarse correct to make your workout happens!​​​​​​​Stay connected with me and learn more about mindset, habits, health, happiness and lifestyle by signing up to my newsletter at:

Ready for summer? First step is due now

Summer is around the corner, right?

What does that mean?

  1. Almost half the year is gone
  2. Best season to dress in your favorite styles and feel happy and confident in your own body
  3. Are you ready?









Now having the first half of the year over is a perfect time to evaluate and assess your progress in the area that I LOVE helping you with which is at goal weight and in shape body that always lead you to live happier, feeling vibrant, energized and confident.

Some important questions to ask are:
  • Are you there or half way there?
  • Have you made any measurable progress on the scale, in the way you look or feel about yourself or are you still exactly where you started this year?
Whichever your answer to these questions, it will serve as a clear moment for you to have awareness on where you are now and most importantly what are you going to do about it next.
  • Feel that you are moving forwards with your health and weight goals
  • Start seeing RESULTS. Actual results

Because without seeing and feeling tangible results you lose your fire and motivation.

So to keep you motivated and to knock off these weight loss goals day after day.

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Love Note from La La Land

A big celebration of love is happening today so I wanted to take a moment and drop you a note of love.

Mine is coming from La La land. It is not the land where you can only dream for a while then wake up to a different reality. It is the land where you can dream and make your dreams coming alive before your eyes.

Yes I watched the movie { La La Land } few days ago when one of my dear clients talked about it and recommended it.

What I loved about this movie even though I am not a big musical fan is the message that kept repeating throughout the whole duration of the movie:

{Never ever stop until you actualize your dream, your goal, your aspiration. No matter how much efforts it needs because it is so worth it!}

“Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

But where is the starting point to absolutely believe in your dream, work for it until you actualize it?

It starts where you give your attention, love and compassion to YOU and what is within.

Once you give yourself permission to love what you are about, you will have the passion and the endurance to go after it no matter what.

Did the idea of loving yourself enough looks like a vanity or unnecessary leisure? If your answer is yes then I invite you to think again.

Why? Simply because when you love yourself, you will be willing to take care of what matters to you most: Your health, your body, your weight. You become a vibrant source of energy, positivity and caring to the people who matter most in your life.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”

– Buddha

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

– Lucille Ball

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Happiness is ….

Writing to you today and my heart is dancing with abundance of happy wishes to you. I hope the joy that this season filled your heart with, the warmth of being with friends and family, the gratefulness for having what you have and extending the hand of help and love to others in need will extend its existence in your heart for the New Year and beyond.

You know one thing I realized, when we experience this sense of joy in our hearts and own it, in other words knowing that it is not a temporary feeling related to certain occasions. Rather it is a beautiful feeling that you and I can keep and recreate at any given moment in our lives, this gives us the power to have what we truly want in life. Simply because if we are able to create our joy, our happiness, our excitement in life we are able to do whatever it takes to do anything we want.

And that exactly applies to creating a healthy, in shape and fit body.. How is that? You might wonder.

Because when you try to lose weight, eat healthier, manage your food portions, kick yourself to the gym from the deep feeling of being under restrictions, deprivation from your favorite foods, punishment then the results will be quitting and not following through to get the body you want.

Instead if you are coming from a happy, joyful and excited heart that Believes in the beauty of a fit, in shape and healthy body. Then your actions to get this goal done will be aligning with your heart desire to create a healthier version of yourself.

So today why don’t you have this internal dialogue with YOU

  • Capture your happy heart. {This is your starting point}
  • Decide that you own your happiness {it is not something happens to you, it is something you can keep and or recreate}
  • What is your NUMBER ONE goal for your health, Weight and Body for 2017?{Say it out Loud, it is okay if your neighbor hears you}
  • What do you need to DO make it happen? {Action Plan}

—Lastly, the definition of insanity is to continue doing what you have been already doing and expecting different results!

Whisper to you: {Do something DIFFERENT}

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Be Your Best Self

Be Your Best Self

Are you accepting less of life because of circumstances, and not allowing the best version of you to shine through and live?

It’s really head to be your best self and live your true potential, celebrate life and enjoy what it offers when you’re trying to cope with the rollercoaster of life, feeling overwhelmed, not being able to prioritize your health and fitness, have weight to lose… the list goes on…

But the hardest thing is when you’re not sure what your best self looks like anymore!

And because life is too short to spend it wondering about the next step…

Instead, take the very next step to make your end goal a reality. That’s the way to live life to the fullest right now. No time wasted on staying stuck and going through the same rollercoaster ride over and over again.

: Observe how you feel about yourself lately?

: Are you where you want it to be?

If you are not where you want to be, then you are missing a few key things.

First, changing how you feel is HUGE. It will make an enormous difference for you if you change your heart’s belief system around what’s STOPPING you from moving forward.

Second, shifting your mindset to match your heart’s new belief system and then starting to live in that newly aligned way.

Third, create a plan of action to launch you back into exactly where you want to see yourself healthy, in shape, fit and a role model for your children or your loved ones exemplifying and radiating Health and Happiness.

So, in the spirit of Mother’s Day week I feel inspired to GIVE you a FREE Transformation Session to help you move into a positive mindset and give you some individualized action steps to put into practice right now!

When you know how to control your life from the inside, lock that in with positive thinking and take clear action. THAT’S when your life can really be all that you want it to be!

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So, here’s how this works:

There are limited spots available next week. The first people who sign up will receive a FREE Transformation Session. (This offer is only available until next Friday).

We will uncover what’s stopping you from moving forward. I will help you get rid of unhelpful blocks in your life and together we will formulate a plan for how you can live with more peace in your heart, success in your life and joy in your day!

When you know you want life to be different, but you don’t know how to make it change, you feel restless and unhappy. You feel like life’s a disappointment and blame yourself for everything that’s gone wrong. Maybe you really want life to be different but fear and uncertainty hold you back. Perhaps you’ve already been on a journey of self-discovery and have been close to feeling success, but something is still missing and you can’t figure out what it is.

I am passionate about helping you and we can achieve a lot in a short conversation!


Here’s what you need to do to get my help:

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#2 Think about the thing you MOST want to bring into your life right now.

#3 Show up for the call with the knowledge that you are making positive steps towards your new life and your new self, and get ready to be empowered!

So, if you know you need this:

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When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Are you ready to learn? I am certainly ready to teach you.


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YOU deserve the happiness and joy that life can bring to you. You have everything you need inside of you to achieve success and live a fulfilling life.

I am so excited that I can help you do that!

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Why Nothing Ever Changes

So what’s it gonna be?

C’mon now, for months (or is it years?) you’ve been saying, ‘Now’s the time you’re finally going to nail it and live a life you love’.

To just get in the best shape ever, feel free from dieting, trying on the cute clothes you love, stop putting your plans and vacations on hold until you lose this extra weight, enjoy everlasting energy and swim in an ocean of confidence!

Well, the clock is ticking and will keep on ticking, on what may be the best last chance to make your dreams happen this year… or any year.

And if you don’t jump in now you’ll be watching from the OUTSIDE as others around you are growing and moving towards their dreams!

That’s right: You will be pissed at yourself if you let this year be like the last one.

Why am I sharing this? Continue reading

I Just Ran 11 Miles!!

Yes, it just happened this past Monday! In preparation for my La Jolla half marathon, which is on the 24th of this month.

And yes, it is like a dream coming true! Because years ago I would have never seen myself strong enough to train, run and endure.

So how did I make this dream come true?

I followed these “common sense” steps: Continue reading

Take Full Responsibility for Your Life

Take Full Responsibility For Your Life

Are you ready to take on full responsibility of what you do and why you do it?

Are you ready to shift that little voice that is telling you, “things happen to me all the time and I don’t know what to do about it”, to “I am creating my own reality and what happens to me is a complete reflection of what is going on in my mind”?

If you are Ready, then continue reading…


Just repeating the words, “I am ready”, to yourself has positive energy that will guarantee you positive results. Continue reading

Love Your Body NOW

Love Your Body NOW

You might say, it’s easier said than done.

How can I love my body right at this moment if I want to be thinner, stronger, healthier or more attractive? 

You might also think: 

If I love my body the way it is now, it will hinder my efforts in changing and transforming into the shape, the look or the health I am striving to have.

The truth is…

Your relationship with your body is one of the most fundamental and important relationships that will shape any transformation or change you are seeking or looking for. Continue reading

Why you should eat on a schedule

Why You Should Eat On a Schedule

Does it really matter when you should eat your meals and snacks to stay:

: Full of energy
: Vibrant
: & In Shape???

The answer is absolutely a YES. I would love to share with you today some of the abundant benefits of eating small meals every 2-3 hours. But before I do, I want to task you a few questions so you can assess where you are right now in terms of your eating schedule:

  • Do you have cravings throughout the day? Those salty crackers or that sweet velvety piece of cake, or cinnamon roll.
  • Do you feel your energy crashes at a certain point in the day where you feel so hungry that you can just eat it all?
  • Between cravings and the hunger swings, are you still struggling with weight and low energy level?

If you answered yes to all these questions then eating on a schedule is going to be your next step. Continue reading